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Remembering RHS

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Barbara Sagan Barrett, Class of 1962 remembers: "my grandchildren can hardly believe it when I tell them that we had separate entrances for boys and girls, and boys had to wear ties and girls had to wear skirts!"
Barbara Phillips, Class of 1962 remembers: "I remember the day a girl wore pants to school and was sent home. I think it was Sadie Hawkins Day."
Willie Martinez, Class of 1972 remembers going to all three lunches and going to his locker to pick up letters. He also remembers, "picking up his friend on his bike and riding to school, and climbing out of [Mr.] McVinnys window, and going to get a candy order before he got to class. Thank you guys for not locking me out."
Sheila Tawa Hamwey, Class of 1973 remembers, "when Lisa Houston Axelson, Joanne Newmark Miller and I sewed matching hot pants (remember them?). We wore them to school one day and I think we got sent home to change. I remember kneeling on the floor and they measured how far up from the knee they were. Also remembers, senior hook day at the Arboretum, when we were all drinking Boonesfarm and Tony DelViscovo got stuck in a tree."
Lisa Houston Axelson, Class of 1973 remembers, "getting caught [wearing hot pants] at my locker and sent home. That was the extent of my sewing!"
Marie Julian, Class of 1971 remembers, "playing hookie one day with a bunch of others; they all got caught [and] I talked my way out of it [to the principal] and they believed me. Also, sprayed some pepper spray under my desk; the whole room had to be evacuated [and] did not get caught again."
Maureen (Foley) Forziati, Class of 1968 remembers her favorite times were before and after school meeting at the Village Cafe.
Linda Ericksen Mogan, Class of 1967 remembers, "wearing skirts, [and] those horrible gym bloomers! A lot of great times though!"
Karen Harbour, Class of 1972 remembers "going on a field trip to North Shore Music Tent, decided to take off from the rest of the class to go to Danvers Trading Post to buy moccasins, when we got back the buses had left to go back to the school without us of course, Maria Musto, Cindy Cinelli and I. We had to hitch hike back to Rossie High, (no big deal back in 1970). Boy were we in trouble, we all got suspended of course. If it was in these days, they probably would have put out an APB on us."
Ellie Macintyre Phillips, Class of 1957 Remembers Winter, 1957: "bitterly cold, rain, sleet, ice, but school was NOT called. Several of us decided as we rode the MTA to go into Boston to see 'Country Girl' instead of darkening the doorways of RHS. My dad, a teacher at SBHS and my mom were armed and waiting when I got home from school. No more details but I never, never did that again!"
Patty McColgan DesRochers, Class of 1969 remembers the, "10th grade field trip to experience live theater for the first time in my life. It was theater-in-the-round, and our class went to see Shakespeare's MacBeth. I was amazed that day in 1967 and have never forgotten this first thrilling impression. (Since then I have traveled twice to the full-scale replica of the "wooden O" that was built at the original site of The Globe Theater - alongside the Thames River back in the mid 1990's.) It all started at Rossie for me!"
Peggy McClure Greenough, Class of 1972 remembers, Senior Class Trip to Plymouth Plantation. "As my memory serves there was a lot of redecorating going on that day. I don't think the staff ever wanted to see this group of students again."
Kathleen Thompson Mcdonald, Class of 1971 remembers the 1971 "After prom a bunch of us headed to Nantasket next morning. My parents didn't want me to go. I snuck out and met my boyfriend (now husband) at the end of the street and headed to a fun-filled day at Nantasket. Had a blast, but got Hell when I got home... was grounded for the week."
Robert Cook, Class of 1974 "The Gym. Very small, not much of a gym at all. What I remember about the gym was chickening out of my plan to streak from one entry and out the other, with nothing but a football helmet on during girls gym class. My fear was Ms. Cohen would have definitely caught me -- I tried. I chickened out in the last hour. (April of 1974) That was a close one!"
Bruce Scott, Class of 1974 "so many memories of Mrs. Lewis and the Rossie Highlights... even after I graduated she asked me to perform. [I] went back and danced to Earth, Wind and Fire's, Shining Star. Thank you Mrs. Lewis for believing in me."
Lorraine Stewart Crouse, Class of 1970 remembers, "walking out of school and protesting in Rossie Square to be allowed to wear pants to school. We only got pant suits but it was a start!"
Valerie Torpey Irving, Class of 1974 remembers "the class trip to the Newport Mansions and Bella Cambria's pink car."
Betsy Ross Voorhees, Class of 1950 remembers,"hiding inside lockers to skip gym."
Arleen Brevich Pereira, Class of 1973 "I have so many funny memories I'll start with this... we were coming back from a field trip and I remember the bus was passing right by our street... but the driver said he can only bring us back to school... so Vicki Lillios and I decided to jump out of the rear emergency door when he slowed down... boy did we get in trouble..."
Maureen O'Malley Pesanelli, Class of 1974 remembers Ms. Gavins typing class, "She would walk up and down the row of desks making sure we werent peeking at the keys, while reciting typing drills. Also, the 1974 trip to Spain during April vacation week. Ms. Nanos fell and broke her ankle on the way to the airport and sent her boyfriend to be our chaperone for the week. I remember all the parents huddling together at the airport trying to decide whether or not to let us go. We did go and lets just say, its in the vault, fellow travelers."
Pamela Arnpriester Keohane, Class of 1974 remembers, "going to Mathews Arena to watch the hockey games."
Ken Quigley, Class of 1975 remembers meeting our Principal Miss Moran, "I will never forget what she told me. She said 'We are real people here and you will thrive and do very well here,' a week later on my first day I ran into her in the Teachers parking lot. She said, 'young man, there are two bags in my car and I would appreciate it if you would carry them to my office.' That woman was a class act. I dont think she ever got the credit she deserved."
Tad Bonvie, Class of 1975 remembers, "being paged to the office to fix the mimeograph machine!"
Beverly Waite Greenberg, Class of 1975 "You could get high from the mimeograph machine [ink] if you sniffed right away!"
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